Budweiser World Cup 8 Pack Can 500mL

Budweiser World Cup 8 Pack Can 500mL

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Limited Edition 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP™ PACK contains 8 x 500mL Budweiser World Cup Cans + Bonus Cup that lights up. Go Aussies.

Group Stage · Group C
· France VS Australia · Saturday 16/6 8:00 pm.
· Denmark VS Australia · Thursday 21/6 10.00pm.
· Australia VS Peru · Wednesday 27/6 12.00am.

Budweiser isn’t just a beer, it’s an icon. Medium-bodied, full of flavour and crisp, Budweiser is a classic American-style lager. This is the beer benchmark for all American brewers. Brewed using hand-selected barley, aromatic hops and pure water. Budweiser truly is an American All-Star!

• Carton of 8 x 500mL Cans.

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