5 Winning Dessert And Drink Combos

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June 11, 2018

No-one’s really sure who first said the words, “Good things come to those who wait”. But whoever it was obviously knew their stuff about food. Let’s face it – dessert is the pinnacle of any great meal, and probably the only reason you ate your veggies as a kid.

So, if you’re one of the five lucky shoppers to win a million flybuys points at Liquorland in June, we’ve got the sweetest way to spend them. Fill your trolley with ingredients to make a year’s worth of tasty desserts, then pick up the perfect drinks to match.

Here are our top five suggestions for dessert and drink combos that will keep your friends coming back for dinner – and keep you coming back to the kitchen long after they’ve gone home.

Chocolate & Roasted Hazelnut Caramel Slice + Baileys

No dessert is complete without chocolate. The world’s favourite treat is delicious on its own – duh – but its versatility is what makes it a real winner. This simple recipe pairs dark chocolate with thick, creamy caramel and roasted hazelnuts for a snack that’ll satisfy at any time of day.

With the right accompaniment, though, the dish reaches even greater heights. While dark chocolate works well with sticky wines and heavier reds, we recommend doubling down on the hazelnut goodness with a shot of Baileys served chilled.

Apple & Pear Crumble + Beer

As the weather gets cooler, your guests will be hankering for a steaming hot dessert after their main meal. Fresh from the oven, this apple and pear crumble will hit them right in the warm and fuzzies. And the tart flavours of the fruit in this dish are ripe for some exciting drinks pairings.

However, we can’t go past the old favourite – beer. Choose a beer like Lazy Yak Session Ale to match that warm fruity filling.

Raspberry & Pistachio Ice-Cream Pudding + Gin

Ice-cream isn’t exactly a warm winter dessert, but if it comes in pudding form, it still counts… right? Actually, yes. And it looks amazing on the table too.

The recipe calls for a bit of preparation the day before. But it’s worth your time to discover the jaw-dropping combination of ice-cream, pistachios and fresh raspberries. There’s just something so cultured about this dessert that you wouldn’t expect after spooning a mountain of ice-cream onto a serving platter.

Buddy it up with Bombay Sapphire Gin and it’ll be just like a traditional English tipple at Wimbledon, but more decadent.

Ricotta & Honey Crepes + Sparkling

Sometimes less is more, even when it comes to dessert. And this recipe for ricotta and honey crepes is ideal when you want to indulge your sweet tooth without overstuffing your stomach.

A delicate dessert needs a delicate drink to match, and the Charles de Cazanove Tradition Brut Vintage is just the treat. It’s cheerful, bubbly and slightly fruity, ideal for special occasions or the everyday.

Tiramisu + Whisky

If it’s rich flavours you came for, then here’s the dessert for you: our favourite tiramisu. The buzziness of the coffee is offset by the creamy mascarpone and acidic Boronia Marsala, making this dish an unmissable punctuation mark at the end of a hearty meal.

Speaking of unmissable, send this one down with Johnnie Walker Black for a smooth-as-butter finale to your dinner party or midweek pasta night. Whiskey and tiramisu – it’s like they were made to be together.

Remember, you can Shop, Scan, Win at Liquorland this June for your chance to win one million flybuys points. That’s enough to get you a year’s worth of Coles groceries. And if you decide to spend it all on dessert and drinks, well, we can’t blame you there.