A Fail-Safe KK Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

A Fail-Safe KK Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

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November 20, 2017

Buying gifts for Kris Kringle can get super awkward, particularly when your relationship with your KK is… well, let’s just say that it’s complicated. Who’s to say what your gift will say to the receiver?

Never fear! We've got a guide to fail-safe KK gifts (and they all involve you coming off as a very respectable and likable person).

What to buy: A bottle of tequila.
What it says: That you’re an exceedingly generous individual – you did spring for the whole bottle after all! You are a thoughtful person who is anticipating that one day, your KK may have an impromptu celebration at their house and will need that bottle of tequila that they have stored in the pantry. You’re so resourceful!

What to buy: A six-pack of craft beer.
What it says: You are a low-maintenance person and in turn, you can see what is really important in life. To you, giving gifts is less about what you think you should give and more to do with what the person actually wants. A handy six-pack chilling in the fridge is a gift that everyone will appreciate.
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What to buy: A bottle of champagne.
What it says: You appreciate the finer things in life. Only the finest bubbles and finest… well, whatever the food equivalent of champagne is. Suddenly your KK feels like they are also the finest, a special person who deserves a special Christmas treat. Aw.

What to buy: Pre-mix rum and cola.
What it says: You don’t take yourself too seriously! This is a good KK gift for someone who you don’t know well, because it’s an excellent conversation starter. Think of the possibilities: from rum you can talk about the 1808 Rum Rebellion, then pirates, then Pirates of the Caribbean, then video piracy ads and suddenly, they’re your best friend.

What to buy: A bottle of shiraz.
What it says: You have great reserves of knowledge and memory. You’re not just giving your KK a bottle of red wine; you’re getting them something specific that you have put a lot of thought into. Perhaps your KK once mentioned their love of shiraz. Perhaps you can pretend that they did. Either way, it’s a winner.