How to Transform Your Backyard into A Summer Oasis

How to Transform Your Backyard into A Summer Oasis

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January 17, 2018

Ah, the humble Aussie backyard. It has so much potential, but if the lawn’s overgrown and you’ve styled it with nothing but rusty deck chairs and a greasy barbeque, it’s time to give the place a spruce up so it’s tropical, not tragic.

Summer is the prime time for entertaining, and our mates at Summer Bright Lager have given us some summer inspo on how to makeyour backyard or balcony a social hotspot.

1. Ice, ice, baby

Perhaps it’s time to throw out the decaying cooler that’s been sitting in the shed gathering cobwebs and upgrade to some suitably summery drinks vessels. For a true oasis vibe, track down a couple of brightly coloured plastic tubs, add ice and stock them with Summer Bright Lager, the perfect cool drink for warm days.

Better still, if you have a timber outdoor table, remove the middle plank and replace it with long planter boxes that’ll hook onto the planks on either side, then fill them with ice and drinks. That way you have a beverage centerpiece and you don’t even have to get up when your glass is empty. It’s like having a swim-up bar. Almost.

2. No pool, no worries

If you’re one infinity pool shy of a luxury resort, don’t panic, you can still convince your mates to come for a ‘dip’.

Pick up an inflatable raft from an outdoors store, fill it with water, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing foot spa. Bliss.

3. Festival styling

If that old Hills Hoist is looking pretty lonely, give the place a full festival makeover. You needn’t invest in fancy banana lounges – just choose a look that’s less Miami and more Marrakech. Whack a couple of cotton throws on the grass, scatter some cushions and you’re good to go.

Got no grass? Praise the internet, there are more different kinds of faux lawn available online than places to put it, so show that brick courtyard who’s boss and greenify the hell out of it.

Side note: If you’ve got some milk crates lying around, place them upside down, cut some bits of turf into square shapes and put them on top, then you’ve got seats for the precious friends that insist on a chair.

4. Feeling fruity

As the ultimate host, you’ll naturally have sorted some resort-inspired snacks to give your guests. It’s as simple as cutting up watermelon and pineapple and serving it in colorful bowls.

Consider whipping up some sangria and passionfruit ice cubes if you’ve really got a taste for backyard resort life. To make the ice cube, all you need to do is whisk some passionfruit juice, water and sugar until the sugar’s dissolved, pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze till your guests arrive.

5. Bright lights, summer nights

Summer entertaining often transitions well from sunny afternoons into balmy evenings, which means your oasis has to be versatile, pal. Fortunately, all you need is a set of outdoor lights and you’re prepped for sundown. String your lights along a veranda, fence or from the house to the clothesline or a tree.

Nope, you’re not seeing a mirage, that’s a garden paradise that’s primed for summer soirees. Remember to keep the Summer Bright Lagers cool and you’ll be crowned the legend of the summer.