Save Me, Social Bartender: A Pink Drink For Summer

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January 1, 2018

PSA: We need to introduce you to someone special. The Social Bartender is here.

He’s on hand to solve all of your summer drinks dilemmas, so you’re always supplied with the perfect social bev recommendations.

He takes a squiz at your social media and advises you on the drink that’ll make your moment even better. Rumours are, he gets a little helping hand from us too. Because we’ve got a drink for that.


Take Brooke, for example, one of the lucky . “Come over for a few cheeky cocktails,” Brooke said to her pals last week. “It’ll be fun,” she said.


But now Brooke’s wandering down the beach, hand to her head in frustration. She’s trying desperately to think of something snazzy to serve the gals when they show up tomorrow arvo. Something that says sunsets and summer, but absolutely isn’t a Sex on the Beach.


(She’s also making a mental note never to refer to anything as ‘cheeky’ again).


If anyone can help Brooke with her drinks dilemma, it’s the Social Bartender.


So, listen up, Brookes of the world – because this Lindeman sauv blanc infused sangria is one to try. And all your mates should get in on the action too.


Brooke’s Pink Sangria




750ml bottle Lindeman’s sauvignon blanc

375ml lemon soft drink

375ml ginger ale

1 peach, pitted, sliced into wedges

2 cups strawberries, hulled, sliced

1-inch ginger, sliced into disks

3 tbsp caster sugar

Sliced lemons, to garnish

Sliced strawberries and peach, to garnish


When presenting the gals with this pink-hued delight, they’ll probably say, “Isn’t sangria supposed to be red?” with a puzzled, but impressed, look on their faces.


You’ll be able to tell them that because a white sangria is so much lighter than its red counterpart, it’s actually a far better base for making a sangria’s fresh fruit flavours pop. And because a Lindeman’s sav is packed full of tropical fruit flavours, it makes for a drink that looks, tastes and even smells like summer.


So there you have it Brooke(s), a pitcher of delicious sangria is the one drink that’s sure to get your gal pals all a-flutter this summer – get that jug and ladle prepped, pronto.