Save Me, Social Bartender: An Easy-Drinking International Beer

January 1, 2018

Raise your hands to the heavens because the solution to all of your drinks dilemmas is finally here. Introducing The Social Bartender – a highly qualified human capable of selecting the perfect beverage for any social occasion.

He sees you celebrating your summer moments on social media and then works with us to put a drink in your hand to make those moments better.


Like what to drink when you hit the beach with the family. Jared and his mates decided that they needed a special weekend of leisure. They’ve already bonded for a solid 957 minutes over all eight instalments of The Fast and the Furious. Because nothing says family movie like Vin Diesel talking incessantly about family.


Then, they’ve packed a picnic (tacos, naturally, for reasons of ease and deliciousness) and took their best floaty to the beach. Man, the ocean was looking beautiful. But something wasn’t right.


Jared realised that although he wanted to invite everyone back to his place for post-beach beers, he had nothing to offer them. Which beer will satisfy every palate, but still maintain the laidback beach vibe? The Social Bartender knows. He always knows.


Jared, it seems like the beer that will solve your dilemma is the one and only Corona. If it’s good enough for every single character in the Fast and the Furious franchise, it’s good enough for you! Lighter than traditional European beers, Corona Extra is crisp and refreshing and is traditionally served with a slice of lime in the neck of the bottle. That’s summer, my friend.


But where did Corona come from? It actually dates back to 1925 in Mexico; within a decade of production it was the highest-selling beer in the country. By the ‘70s, Corona was being sold in the United States and was particularly embraced by surfers who had travelled to Mexican beaches and were familiar with the beer’s signature embossed bottle. A legend was born.


As for the abundance of Corona in the Fast and the Furious films? That’s not product placement. One of the screenwriters of the series has gone as far to say that Corona is “literally a character in the films”. The writers thought that The Family would probably drink this light, Mexican ale in real life, so the decision was easy. Unofficial endorsements don’t get better than that.   


So Jared, we've got a drink for that. Drink like the surfers of old, and grab your clan an icy-cold Corona. You won’t regret it.