5 Irish cocktails inspired by our favourite Patricks

5 Irish cocktails inspired by our favourite Patricks

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March 12, 2018

Oh St. Patrick’s Day. At one point, it was all about celebrating a man named Patrick. Now it seems to be all about the drinks! Well here at Liquorland, we’re putting a stop to all of that nonsense. We’re all about having our cake and eating it too. So we’ve created some Irish cocktail recipes inspired by some of our favourite Patricks. That’s right, we can do it all.

The Patrick Swayze Martini

60mL Jameson Caskmates
15mL Vermouth
1 dash bitters
Lemon twist (for garnish)

Method: Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for around 30 seconds. Strain the mixture into a chilled glass and serve.

It’s time to press that button in the jukebox. That’s right, this is a cocktail that’s best prepared with a loved one. Preferably shaking the cocktail together like that sweet sweet romantic scene in Ghost. But it’s also bitter and acidic, to give you that extreme Point Break flavour kick.

Throw some olive juice in there and you can serve it dirty. Just like Swayze’s dancing. Your friends will be like ‘you read our minds!’ And speaking of mind readers…

The Patrick Stewart Punch

60mL strong Earl Grey tea
120mL honey
4 sprigs thyme
2 sprigs rosemary
240mL fresh lemon juice
360mL Jameson Irish Whiskey
120 mL Cognac
1 tsp orange bitters

Method: Add each of the ingredients to a large punch bowl and stir with a wooden spoon until combined. Add ice and decorate with Earl Grey leaves.

Look, we know Patrick Stewart Punch sounds like a line from a gritty Star Trek movie script (even though we all know P Stew like’s to deal with tough situations in a different way), but this is a punch recipe that works for both cocktail fans and tea fans alike.

So put on your X Men leathers, whip out your Jameson and ask your crew for some tea, Earl Grey, hot. You’ll have a punch fit for St. Patrick’s in no time.

The Neil Patrick Harris Hot Chocolate

2 tsp hot chocolate powder
Hot milk
50mL Bailey’s Irish Cream
Whipped cream
Chocolate flakes

Method: Make hot chocolate as per the powder instructions, add Baileys and top with whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

Oh Neil, you’re a sweet and smooth operator. That’s why we came up with a hot chocolate cocktail for you and your boyish good looks. Even though you’re technically a Neil, you make us feel warm inside, so a warm hot chocolate is the perfect metaphor for your legacy as an honorary Patrick.

It’s also dairy. Because you’re legen-dairy. Get it?

Robert Patrick Black Velvet

150mL Guinness
150mL Champagne

Method: Throw some champagne into a flute and top it with Guinness.

Robert Patrick is a man of few words. At least, he was when he played the T-1000 in that really good Terminator movie. That’s why we wanted this cocktail to have as few ingredients as possible. In real life he’s probably quite the conversationalist. And this drink is certainly a conversation starter.

Overall, this cocktail is a little weird. Stout and champagne. But is it any weirder than a guy made of liquid metal chasing around Arnold Schwarzenegger? I think we’ve made our point.

If you look at the foam real closely, it almost looks like a living metal robot doing a final fourth wall breaking screech.

The Patricia Arquette Piña Colada

90mL Jameson
45mL Pineapple Juice
45ml Coconut Liqueur
45mL heavy whipping cream

Method: Add the ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake vigorously until combined. Add to a highball glass.

Patricias are also Patricks in our book. And we can’t think of a Patricia we love more than America’s sweetheart, and Academy Award winning actress, Patricia Arquette. She can speak to ghosts, and be in a movie that takes 12 years to make. She has it all.

And so does the Irish Piña Colada, which manages to mash together Puerto Rico and Ireland into a cocktail that’s both classy and a little wild. A bit like her character in True Romance. We think this is a cocktail she’d be proud to sip.

So celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your favourite Patricks. And if you don’t have a favourite Patrick, find one. And make them one of these delicious Irish cocktails. 9/10 Patricks love a good cocktail*.