The Classic Beverage BFFLs

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October 23, 2017

We know that the warmer months mean spending more time with mates outdoors, but let’s celebrate a different type of friendship for a second. The friendship between classic beverage pairings – like gin and tonic, ginger ale and whisky and sparkling wine and orange juice. Brings a tear to your eye!

Gin and tonic

As far as beverage pairings go, this has got to be one of the greatest of all time. The sophisticated gent of mixers. Everything about the gin and tonic is upfront – you order a gin and tonic at a bar, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get: a glass with gin and tonic in it (and probably some ice and lime chucked in for good measure).

Want to know something weird? In the 1700s, the British East India Company would drink quinine to stave off malaria and would mix the bitter liquid with tonic water, sugar, lime and gin to mask the taste.

If they had a friendship song, it would be: ‘Just The Two Of Us’ – Will Smith

Whisky and ginger ale

When it comes to friendship, strong personalities attract each other. This logic also works when it comes to drinks, with the tough-talking whisky mixing miraculously well with the undeniably spicy ginger ale.

People have been mixing their whisky with soft drinks since Victorian times. Some will criticise you for mixing a ‘good’ whisky with ginger ale (meanwhile, get those haters out of your life, you don’t have time for that!) but it really is a magic mixture. The warmth of the ginger! The smooth aftertaste of the whisky! The comfortable leather armchair with rich mahogany detailing that you imagine sitting in while you’re drinking it!

If they had a friendship song, it would be: ‘You’re My Best Friend’ – Queen

Sparkling wine and orange juice

There’s a reason why mimosas are the unofficial drink of the spring racing season: they are glam as heck! Chuck a strawberry in there and people will mistake you for the Queen!

OJ and sparkling wine (could be champagne, prosecco or anything with bubbles) are perfect sweeties that should taste too sugary, but actually match perfectly. The story goes that the cocktail was invented in the Hotel Ritz in Paris in the 1920s. The flappers couldn’t get enough and thus everyone’s fave wedding brunch beverage was born.

If they had a friendship song, it would be: ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ – Randy Newman

Rum and cola

Rum and cola gets a bad wrap, but they are such an iconic duo that their chemistry cannot be denied. They’re star-crossed lovers that people may try to keep apart, but who will always find a way back to each other.

The official name for a rum and cola cocktail is the Cuba Libre (‘free Cuba’ in Spanish) and it was invented in Havana in the early 1900s. American troops brought cola with them to Cuba and when they started mixing it with rum, the Americans and Cubans alike toasted each other with glee. Don’t blame them, tbh.

If they had a friendship song, it would be: ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ – Thin Lizzy

Gin and juice

One day, we’d like to take a worldwide poll on how many people had never even considered putting gin and juice together before Snoop Dogg’s 1993 hit ‘Gin and Juice’. Man, he made it sound refreshing.

The thing about gin and juice is that it is a friendship that allows you to experiment. Not a huge fan of orange juice? Why not try gin and pineapple juice this spring? Get wild: try grapefruit! Our tip? Make yourself a little mango and orange smoothie and then top off with gin. We think this may be the start of a beautiful friendship.

If they had a friendship song, it would be: ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ – Bette Midler