The Footy Pie Road Test: What Should You Drink With A Pie?

The Footy Pie Road Test: What Should You Drink With A Pie?

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March 6, 2018

Eating a pie while drinking beer is a classic combination. A real no-brainer. But how do less obvious refreshments – like sparkling wine, red wine, cider and rosé – fare when matched with Australia's greatest snack?

Now that footy season is starting, there’s no better time to chuck some pies in the oven and share them with your friends. We put some potential pie and bev matches to the test.

Sparkling wine

Look, we know what you’re thinking – ‘when would I ever be in a situation where both sparkling wine AND pies are available?’. To be perfectly honest with you, there aren’t really a lot of situations like that. But maybe there should be!

The sparkling wine we road tested complemented the pie way better than expected. The sensation of the bubbles was a little strange post-pie, but it contrasted with the heavy taste of the pie very well. Add a little tomato sauce to the pie to bring out the sweetness of the sparkling – we’d suggest a glass of Riccadonna Asti Spumante.

Worth trying? Yes!


Cider and pie is almost as traditional a pairing as beer and pie, but is unconventional enough that it’s not the standard. So, how did we go? Good golly, we may have a new classic on our hands.

For anyone who, when presented with a platter of pies finds it impossible to stop at just one, cider presents the faultless accompaniment to a mouthful of pastry. The super sweet and the super savoury just work together perfectly – but we’d probably recommend an apple cider over more overpowering varieties. Give a bottle of Mr Finch Apple Cider a try.

Worth trying? Yes!

Red wine

Of all the unconventional pie pairings, this was by far the best. Red wine and a meaty pie = a match made in heaven. (One of our testers even said, “We have a winner!” so that’s saying something.)

The wine boosts the flavour of the beef and enhances the meatiness. This is true of fancy roast beef dishes, so it makes sense that it would also elevate the humble pie! We ate pies with a rich shiraz, so we’d probably recommend a glass of Pensilva Estate Shiraz with your next pie.

Worth trying? YES, IMMEDIATELY.


Allegedly, some people can only eat one pie per sitting because they’re too rich. If you are one of these people, maybe you need something with a bit of acidity to it to cut through the buttery pastry and thick gravy.

A dry rosé like Champteloup Rose d'Anjou is a good contrast to a heavy snack and to be honest, we liked this much more than we thought we would.

Worth trying? Yes!

And of course, beer

Ah, the classic. A pie and beer is a natural and delicious pairing. Complementary flavour profiles! A heavy bite washed done with a refreshing brew! There’s a reason why ale features so heavily in pie recipes.

Worth trying? Duh, of course.