Which Drinks Go With Your Favourite Christmas Foods?

Which Drinks Go With Your Favourite Christmas Foods?

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December 4, 2017

What’s your favourite thing to eat at Christmas? Ham? Prawns? Trifle? The leftover gravy in the pan that has kind of congealed into a solid? Maybe keep that last one to yourself.

Whatever your Chrissy craving, we’ve got a drink recommendation. Gotta love a Christmas feed.

Food: Ham
Drink: Sparkling wine

There are few pleasures in life that compare to the pleasure of eating a Christmas ham. Oh, man! Eating massive amounts of ham and then spending the rest of Christmas Day rubbing your tum and lazily smiling at your loved ones is truly what the holidays are all about.

If you’re serving up some baked ham this Christmas, we’d recommend pairing it with a similarly sweet wine. Pop open a bottle of sparkling or, more specifically, serve up a little moscato with your meal. Then eat some more ham.

Food: Turkey
Drink: Sauvignon blanc

For Australians, Thanksgiving is a very irritating day on the calendar. For one whole day, we must endure endless social media scrolls of Americans devouring delicious looking food that we have no excuse to indulge in.

But! Then Christmas comes around, and our turkey-loving bellies are content. We’d recommend serving a balanced sav blanc with citrus zest, which will complement the white meat perfectly. (By the way, did you know that you can actually cook turkey in prosecco? Because you totally can.)

Food: Prawns
Drink: Pale ale

Look, in the Land Down Under you’re just as likely to be digging into some prawns as you are a slab of ham. And what better to serve with some seafood than an icy cold beer? Not much else, to be honest.

Fresh-tasting beers pair well with seafood, so pale ales are a safe bet. Dry, Japanese-style beers, like Kirin, or crisp lagers like Heineken are a safe (and delicious) bet, too.

Food: Roast veggies
Drink: Pinot noir or shiraz

When it comes to pairing a bev with your crispy potatoes, charred Brussels sprouts and sweet carrots, it’s good to choose a wine that has the same characteristics as the dish that you’re serving. Easy, huh?

We’d recommend grabbing a bottle of a light or medium red and delighting in the caramel notes in both the veggies and the wine. What a delight! Christmas really is a delight*.

*Just don’t burn those vegetables.

Food: Christmas pudding
Drink: Brandy

Pouring brandy on a Christmas pudding is a grand tradition for a reason – it’s dang delicious. But what to serve with your holiday treaties? We’d recommend a small glass of something sweet, like sherry. And don’t forget to add some to your trifle!

Christmas has never been more delicious.