Hacks for Keeping Drinks Cool This Summer

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November 20, 2017

The sun is out! We’re all outside! We are cheers-ing in the summer breeze! Now, how the heck do we keep our bevs cold? We’ve got some non-traditional tips.

Do your pre-bev homework

It’s boring, but this hack can save you from the dreaded warm tinnie. Before heading out to whatever picnic or BBQ you have planned, do your prep properly and keep your drinks in the fridge. Did you know that you’re also meant to pre-chill your cooler? Well, you are!

Make your own ice blocks by freezing food containers of water and use crushed ice too (the ice block will keep the cooler cold for a longer period of time, but the crushed ice will cool the drinks down quickly). We’d also recommend keeping one cooler for drinks and one for food; that way you’re not opening it all the time and letting all the cool air out.

Once you’ve actually got the cooler out of the house, make sure to keep it in the shade. Then put on your own shades. Now you're cool, too.

Insulate your drinks

Stubby holders aren’t just vehicles for funny slogans – they actually have a function! Insulating your drinks is the best way to keep them cool in the summer sun. The reason that foam is used in stubby holders is because it’s a great, dense material that keeps the temperature stable.

Don’t have a stubby holder? Just use a face washer and wrap it around your drink. Drinking out a plastic cup? Wrap the cup in paper towel and then place it inside a second cup.

Frozen water balloons

Maybe you don’t have time to buy ice. You’re a busy, after all. If people are coming to your place and you want to make sure they can keep their booze chilly, freeze some water balloons and chuck them in a bucket/cooler/bathtub with the booze.

The best bit? If you use coloured balloons, they look really cool and festive. The second-best bit? When they melt you can have a water fight.

Punch bowl ice ring

Want to make some punch for your summer shindig, but worry that it’ll go warm in the afternoon rays? Try this hack which involves freezing some fruits and herbs (we’d recommend peaches, oranges and mint) with water in a cake ring and then putting the ice ring into your punch bowl.

Just put the punch ingredients on top of the ring as normal and as the ring thaws, it will infuse your punch with fruity, herb-y flavours. What a hack!

The 5-minute cool trick

Look, sometimes you’re not as prepared as you would like to be. It happens! But even if you don’t do your pre-chill prep, you don’t have to be stuck with a lukewarm bevvy.

Here’s a hack: put your drinks in a large mixing bowl full of water and ice. Add some salt (sounds weird, but trust us) and then stir your drinks around for a few minutes. When the salt combines with the ice it makes the water super cold, which is an actual scientific fact. Enjoy some chilly bevs!

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