Social Bartender Recommends: Lee’s Glass of Green and Gold

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January 23, 2018

Lee, here, has figured out the keys to a successful Australia Day. It’s all about the barbie. A lot of people mess around with a prawn here and a minute steak there. Not Lee. Lee went H.A.M on his barbie. Like literally. That’s a whole leg of ham. What a legend.

Jackson thought hard about this one. What drink would be perfect for Lee’s perfect Australia Day barbie? What is the perfect drink for Australia Day? What is the perfect drink?

Jackson likes to think about the bigger questions sometimes.

Jackson has formulated criteria to find Lee’s drink. Firstly, it’s got to be beer. Beers have been a staple of Australia Day ever since Aussies started cracking them open. Beer is to Australia what champagne is to… well, Champagne.

But not just any beer, it has to look as Aussie as Hugh Jackman playing Knifey Spooney in budgie smugglers. We’re talking native animals or green and gold colouring. For Jackson, that narrowed it down considerably, but there was still a way to go before finalising his recommendation.

The next consideration was price. Just look at that ham. That could easily feed a group of 9-12 mates. The beer we recommend has to come in a decently priced slab for this Australia Day feast to have a viable pairing.

But what about taste? There’s a couple of variables. It should pair well with the sweet and smokey flavours of huge chunks of pork. Something a bit fruity and floral works best. But with an Australia Day that hot, you also need something that has a strong taste.

Beers that are kept super cold (like the ones that’ll be at Lee’s barbie), lose a bit of their flavour when sipped fresh. We’ll need a beer with a bit of extra bitterness, so that Lee and his mates can actually taste the beery goodness while chomping on their feast.

With all that criteria considered, Jackson, our human beer computer, was able to narrow down Lee’s choice to just one classic Australian beer: Coopers Pale Ale. Think about it. The label is green but the beer is gold. It’s easily one of the great value beers on the market, and it’s got hop sediment floating around in it. That means fruitiness and bitterness to boot.

So, there you have it, Lee. This Australia Day, pick up your ham in one hand and your slab of Coopers Pale Ale in the other. It’ll be a work-out, but you’ll know once the barbie starts that it’s a match made in heaven.

This Australia Day, we’ve got a drink for that!

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