Sarah’s FOMOjito: A cocktail for when you're searching for that perfect summer snap

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February 1, 2018

You know that feeling you get when you check your Instagram and you see a perfect summer pic from one of your friends? It’s like feeling inspired…

Well, Sarah’s photo is doing exactly that. Look at her hair and curtains flowing in the breeze, look at the comfy camping bed she’s perched next to, look at that amazing coastline. Jackson reckon’s it’s pretty perfect, so he created a perfect drink to pair with it.

Next time Sarah’s lounging around the coastline, she can enjoy a sip of something while you’re at home with your FOMO. There’s no shame in a bit of FOMO, in fact, Jackson came up with a cocktail specifically for Sarah’s FOMO-inspiring summer moments.

With such a perfect summer shot, it was difficult to find a drink that would live up to the hype, but we think this is the one. Its got a refreshingly citrusy Absolut Lime base made from natural ingredients and is as smooth as Sarah’s sandy beach. To cool it down even more, add a dash more lime and some mint leaves. For fresher feels.

Sarah’s FOMOjito

3 parts Absolut Lime
2 parts lime juice
1 part sugar syrup
Some soda water
2 mint leaves
1 lime wedge

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