Save Me, Social Bartender: A Valentine’s Day Drink for BFFs

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January 31, 2018

Like your friend who helps curate your Tinder profile, The Social Bartender is all about helping you find your perfect match to your summer moments. He has look-see at your social posts, cocks his head, lifts a thoughtful brow and comes up with the ideal pairing for whatever you’re up to.

Look at Carly; she needs some inspiration.

It’s not that she’s feeling Jessica-Biel-in-Valentine’s-Day resentful of February 14, she’d just rather avoid the inevitable public park PDAs. And instead of telling her crush she choo-choo-chooses them (on a card with a picture of a train on it), Carly’s made plans with her pal, her OSO*, her sister from another mister, her BFF.

We respect that, Carly. We reckon a rock-solid, thick ‘n thin friendship is up there with the greatest love stories of all time. And it’s defs worth celebrating. So, Carly, you take care of the snacks and The Social Bartender will take care of the cocktail jug.

He calls it Carly’s Bae Breeze and, like the best friendships, this concoction is equal parts of all the good stuff. There’s the Somersby Apple, a refreshing cider with a good bittersweet balance and which (just like your friendship) has no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colouring. Plus, some vodka, cranberry juice and fresh limes.

*Other Significant Other

Carly’s Bae Breeze

Two parts Somersby Apple Cider
Two shorts of vodka
Two parts cranberry juice
Two wedges of lime
Two straws

Mix together in a jug with ice.

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