Simon and Dan’s Double Dip Sip

Written by
January 31, 2018

Simone and Dan’s Instagram post illustrates some of the simplest logic out there: a good thing plus another good thing equals an even better thing.

Our Social Bartender, Jackson, just so happens to follow the same logic. He actually recommends yet another good thing to finish off Dan and Simone’s sweet summer moment post-ocean dip. It’s what you should always do after an afternoon swim. Have some re-Cooper-ation. And by that we mean chill at home with some Coopers.

When your biggest problem of the day is trying to figure out whether the ocean is clearer and more inviting than the pool, you know your summer has reached maximum levels of sweet. And there’s never been a more perfect brew for some post-swim reflection about how the heck you got so lucky.

So go ahead, wrap your summer moment in another summer moment and wash it down with some Coopers. So Simone, we’ve got a drink for that. You’re an inspiration to us all, and your ability to mix amazing with spectacular is completely unparalleled. Enjoy Jackson’s qualified recommendation.

And thanks for your post, we look forward to next winter when you watch Netflix in a movie theatre or something.

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