The Definitive List of Different Ways to Drink Whisky

The Definitive List of Different Ways to Drink Whisky

April 29, 2018

Don’t know how to actually drink whisky and have always been too embarrassed to tell anyone this? Don’t worry, we have you covered. (Of course, you can still enjoy whisky in a cocktail [link to cocktail article], but it’s good to know the basics.)

Here are some suggestions of how you can serve the toasty amber spirit.


It sounds cool to order your whisky neat, but what does it actually mean? Basically it’s just whisky served at room temperature in a glass. This allows you to try the whisky in its natural form with all of the original distillery characteristics and flavours from maturation.

Neat with a drop of water

Adding a few drops of water to a whisky can open up different and subtle flavours that you might not taste if you were drinking it neat. Sounds fancy, huh? This is often the case with whiskies with higher alcohol content. The water can help to remove the alcohol burn, allowing more flavour to come through.

On the rocks

Drinking whisky on the rocks (with ice) can be a great introduction to whisky, especially if you are new to drinking it on its own. You can discover different flavours and nuances in the whisky that weren’t as prominent when served at room temperature.


This is not the traditional way to enjoy your whisky but one that we recommend you try. Why not! Keep your bottle in the fridge and simply pour 30mL into a tumbler, perhaps mixing it with some dry ginger ale and lime.

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