The Ultimate BBQ Sixer Guide

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October 23, 2017

To beer or not to beer? Well, to beer obviously. But what beer should you beer? Allow us to guide you through this labyrinth of tastes, types and prices. What will we find in the center of this labyrinth? No, something even better: beer. Read this guide and you’ll know the right kind of beer to bring to the right kind of barbie.

Domestic or Imported?

Countries normally craft bevvies to suit the needs of their people. So despite what some purists might say, an import can be the perfect choice, depending on the situation.

Australian beers are crafted for the Australian climate. They’re meant to be served ice-cold, which is refreshing, but can dull the flavour. So to really taste them, our beers are normally extra bitter. Perfect for a barbie on a hot day outdoors.

Mexican beers are meant to be drunk in a period of relaxation. The added citrus element makes it slightly acidic and tropical, so try one of these for a beachside gathering.

Or maybe you’re having late nights with friends – deep and meaningful conversations, hugs. In Denmark, they call that hygge (hoo-ga), which is why their beers are brewed with strong, deep flavours and a warm heaviness.

Bitter or Sweet?

Here’s a life hack for you. Let’s just clear this up right now. If a beer is ‘malty’, it means it’s sweeter and breadier. If a beer is ‘hoppy’, it’s probably more bitter, floral or fruity. There you go. Now you can read tasting notes and actually know what they’re saying.

So pale ale is named for its pale malts, which bring out more of a hoppy flavour. These beers can be bitter, citrusy, fruity and floral – it all depends on the balance – but don’t expect a strong malty flavour. They are perfect for warm weather afternoons, so give the person running the barbie a pale.

IPA is heavily hopped, for extra bitterness. This style has the strongest bitter flavours, and more of a roasted malt vibe. Drink IPAs ice-cold, in the dead heat of summer, and give one to the person who has to set up the barbie.

Pick up a lager to find the best balance between malty and hoppy flavours. Lagers are grassy and dry, with a delicate sweetness; bring them out during a game of sport or over some light snacks.

Dark ales are made with just roasted malt, which gives it darker colouring. They have a distinct chocolatey flavor with minimal hops. Drink dark ales in the dead of winter, maybe over fondue.