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Moon Dog

Old Mate Pale Ale Bottle 330mL

Moon Dog Craft Brewery started in 2010 when two brothers, Josh and Jake Uljans, and their mate, Karl van Buuren, decided to try something different with brewing. Taking inspiration from experimental breweries in the US, Moon Dog was about brewing high concept, interesting, but mainly fun beers. Karl has since taken on the role as Master Brewer and runs production at the brewery.

This beer is brewed using unique specialty malt that gives the distinct biscuit character, which balances against the big American hop flavours. Dry hopping is done prior to cooling, to ensure that only the best fruit characters of the Americans hops are integrated into the beer. This beer has a real clean maltiness with acitrusy /peachy aromas and flavour profile. It finishes with a nice smooth bitterness.

• Pack of 6 x 330mL Bottles.

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