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Apple Crumble Cider 330mL

This delicious cider has been infused with cinnamon, vanilla & blackberry, which gives a mouth-watering taste; like enjoying a freshly baked piece of apple crumble.
Deep golden colour; rich scent of apple & cinnamon; freshly baked apple crumble; beautifully balanced; extremely delicious.

Apple Crumble cider was launched in market in September 2016 after winning the people’s choice award at GABS festival. It is now Zeffer's biggest selling cider. Zeffer Apple Crumble is the highest rated cider in the world (on untappd.com; the world’s largest cider rating website). The Zeffer Journey began in 2009 with a wine maker trying his hand at cider. Only ever content with using the best ingredients and never from concentrate this brand has become a hit with the locals & is New Zealand’s fastest growing cider brand with a long list of awards under their belt.

• Carton of 24 x 330mL Bottles.

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