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Devils Lair

Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL

'Devil's Lair winery was considered a boutique winery until not that long ago.
In recent years it has evolved to become one of the heavy weights of the Margaret River region. The winery's quirky name derives from an archaeological dig site on the property that unearthed an ancient Tasmanian Devil fossil. From the year that Devil's Lair's entry level wines earned accolades at Royal Society shows, I was expecting big things, and this wine doesn't disappoint. The wine's characters are intense, lean and focussed. Notes of strawberry jam, mulberry and blackcurrant. The Devil's Lair Cabernet Sauvignon is built for comfort, not speed. It will age well into teenage years and beyond.'
- Andrew Woodforth, Vintage Cellars Spit Junction.

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