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Henri Bourgogne

Rouge 750mL

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The demand for quality Bourgogne Rouge is not showing any signs of abating. Take into consideration a recent run of above average quality vintages, coupled with favourable exchange rates and the results are enough to get any die-hard Pinot lover on the sourcing path.

'The success of new world varietal labelling convinced some French producers to follow suit. They saw, for example, that 'pinot noir' added to 'Bourgogne' (Burgundy) enlightened those not up on French wine lore - essentially that regional names like Burgundy also convey varietal meaning for those in the know. Henri, imported by Coles for its Vintage Cellars outlets, offers a bright, clean, modern expression of the world's original pinot noir- sealed hygienically under screwcap. It's medium bodied, with savoury character and fine, firm backbone of tannin separating it in style from the generally fruity, soft Australian styles.' - Canberra Times | Chris Shanahan.

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