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RWT BV Shiraz 2011 750mL

Solid, forceful and full-bodied this vintage has fine, pronounced and persistent tannins with blue and black-berried fruits. It's supple with a beautifully woven fabric of flavours and the oak has been used to perfection.

'A 100% Barossa Shiraz, aged in French Oak (Grange is aged in the more 'showy' American oak). On the nose you get some great Barossa fruit of plum, rhubarb and cranberry with the French oak coating the fruit nicely. On the palate it is full-bodied, fine, pronounced with persistent tannins with a great coating of black-berried fruits and a wonderful oaky finish. Made to age, but can be enjoyed in a little over a year.'
- Philip White, - 95 Points.

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