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Ten Minutes By Tractor

Estate Down The Hill Pinot Noir 750ml

This wine sums up Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot by expressing its most complete, appealingly styled side. Ripe red fruits, rhubarb, tamarillo, very subtle oak input. The aroma profile is utterly correct and plays on Pinot's seductive, sweet-sour side. Despite its bright aromas, this is a gentle profile, svelte in a classic manner, singing rather than demanding.

The palate is well formed, with an intriguing waxy note that is reminiscent of nothing less than lipstick. Bright, delicious red fruits, sap, herbs, spice - there are plenty of flavours wrapped in a gorgeously drinkable package. Mouthfeel is velvet, firm but fine acid meshing with sparse, grainy tannins. A gentle caress of a finish, fruit driven and sweet just like a lovely dessert. Best drinking now - 2017.

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