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SC Barossa Shiraz 750mL

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Yalumba’s new Barossa wine range, Samuel's Collection, is a celebration of this historic brand’s heritage, longevity and its Barossa estate. It honours the founder, Samuel Smith, his spirit of embracing provenance and giving back to the land. Samuel Smith planted Yalumba’s first vineyard in the Barossa 170 years ago.

Yalumba’s Head of Winemaking Louisa Rose explains the motivation behind the collection. “Understanding that wine drinkers are seeking more youthful, generous and fresher wines, we have crafted Samuel’s Collection to fit this style, while still showing the hallmarks in the Yalumba winemaking philosophy,” she says. All Samuel’s Collection wines are sustainably grown and vegan friendly.

This is a modern interpretation of the classic style. Initial shiraz aromas include ripe plum and cherry, followed by the leafy, cedary spice and redcurrant aromas of cabernet sauvignon. The palate is rich and generous, yet soft and supple. Balanced flavours linger on the long finish.

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