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Signature Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 750mL

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Without doubt, the crown jewel of Yalumba. The Signature stretches back to 1962 and celebrates the best wine of each vintage and we believe this is just spot on. Yalumba has taken the distinctively Australian blend of Cabernet and Shiraz and set the benchmark for this classic style.

The colour of The Signature is almost impenetrable, this is a wine of aromatics and fineness with great depth of concentration. Showing dark red powdery currants and the leafy freshness of mint and cool spices, the aromatics are complex Cabernet Sauvignon. The palate is all about Shiraz with dark plum, licorice and a potpourri of berry fruits, round, rich and complete with an ironstone depth of tannin, giving the support that will take this through the cellar for a very long time. Not to be opened for at least 5 years, but if you weaken, enjoy with a char grilled rump steak with all the extras.

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