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Brown Brothers

Sparkling Moscato Rosa 750mL

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The wine has a bright pink strawberry hue, giving it a light and delicate appearance. Due to a small addition of Cienna the wine has lifted red berry aromas along with freshly crushed grapes and a spicy perfume. The palate also shows these characters along with a fruitiness that is balanced by acidity and the refreshing full sparkling sensation. Serve well chilled and enjoy while young and vibrant.

Good wine is made with passion’ a statement lived and breathed by the winemaking team at Brown Brothers. Together the team have over 60 years in the game. Innovation, experimentation and fun are three key ingredients in every bottle, and the team are always pondering what they’ll grow ‘next vintage’. The Brown Family have been making wine for over 126 years, passing down the tradition of ‘doing things differently’, today growing over 40 grape varieties in their Victorian and Tasmanian vineyards.

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