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Casamigos Blanco


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Casamigos Blanco won Best Tequila at our 2019 Best Of Awards, impressing our judges with its clean and crisp mouthfeel and hints of vanilla, citrus and sweet agave.

A premium tequila made in small batches. Made in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Casamigos blanco is rested for 2 months. The taste is crisp and clean with hints of vanilla, citrus and sweet agave.

Day of the Dead is one of Mexico’s most celebrated national holidays. This unique celebration of cultural diversity is celebrated through decoration, and an abundance of fantastic quality food and tequila. Tequila connoisseurship has shifted up a gear, away from the well-worn triple-threat of salt, lime and shot. Makers are now experimenting with different production styles, and revellers are loving the results. With the Day of the Dead celebration kicking off on the 31st of October, now is the time to embrace tequila, the spirit crafted in Mexico from the agave blue weber plant.

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