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Loch Lomond

Glens White Rum 500mL

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Glen's select darkest richest rum is inspired by Caribbean traditions. Made from a rare old and original recipe carefully handcrafted by the Loch Lomond distillery company EST. 1814

Inspired by Caribbean tradition, Glen’s White Rum has rumbelievable flavour notes. As soon as I opened the bottle, I could pick pineapple and coconut aromas. Drinking neat I could taste a subtle hint of vanilla followed by the sweetness of the sugar. It has a lingering warmth making it a perfect sipping spirit during the cooler winter months. Glen’s White Rum is an all rounder and an affordable addition to any bar. It’s a perfect mixer for a pina colada because of the hints of coconut and pineapple but also great for a classic Daiquiri. It also pairs very well with cola.

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