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Ketel One

Vodka 700mL

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Ketel One is crafted from small batches using copper stills and combines 300 years and 10 generations of family distilling experience. The artisan craftsmanship used to create Ketel One Vodka is clearly evident and really sets it apart from the pack, delivering superior results both pure and in cocktails. We couldn't go past this vodka's purity and smoothness and when you compare it to more expensive vodkas on the market, it offers amazing value.

• 600mL V8 Vegetable juice
• 150mL Ketel One
• 1 teaspoon sea salt
•100mL Lemon juice
• 40mL Sugar syrup
• Loads of cracked black pepper
• 20mL Balsamic vinegar
• 20mL Worcestershire sauce.

Garnishes (celery and cucumber sticks, freshly grated horseradish)

- Mix all ingredients in a big jug. Pluck some celery leaves and add to jug. Pour mix over ice in highball glasses and garnish with celery, cucumber and some grated horseradish.

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