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Solera Edition Whisky 700mL

The original Starward is solely matured in Apera (Australian ‘sherry’) barrels, which are hand selected, re-coopered, retoasted and re-sized specifically for ageing the spirit. Golden yellow in colour, with a nose of crisp apple and honey. Light mouthfeel, with lemon, green apple and dried pear.

Rich amber colour. Aroma of ripe orchard fruits: pears, bananas and apples with vinous raisins and dried figs. Caramel, vanilla and marzipan balance the bright fruit. The palate is filled with rich, toasty caramel, crème brulee, more fruit, pepper, sandalwood, nutmeg and marzipan. A full, sweet, juicy mouthfeel, with a youthful, spicy, dry finish.

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