5 Cans, 5 Snacks and 5 Camping Spots for the Easter Long Weekend

5 Cans, 5 Snacks and 5 Camping Spots for the Easter Long Weekend

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March 12, 2018

The Easter long weekend is the perfect time to head off camping. It’s long enough to justify the effort but not so long that you wreck your back because you’re sleeping in a swag.

The key to a successful camping trip is preparation. Obviously packing the tent’s important, but the truly prepared have stocked up on travel-friendly snacks and cans before they’ve even hit the road. Not sure where to pitch the tent, what to eat or which cans to choose? Here are five of our top picks.

1. Victoria

The joke’s on the folks that have shelled out for those million-dollar mansions in Portsea and Sorrento on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. The best views are actually reserved for the foreshore campers. Pick a spot, and then there ain’t nothing like cracking a can and watching the sun set over the bay.

Can: If you’re going to enjoy cold brew while lazing by the ocean, make it a Lazy Bear can.

Snack: Throw some ham and cheese toasties in a frypan over a fire.

2. New South Wales

There’s no shortage of camping spots in New South Wales, but it’s hard to top Jervis Bay. Set yourself up in Honeymoon Bay where the water’s clear and the seclusion game is strong. When you’ve built up an appetite after a solid walk or snorkel, it’s time for a tinnie.

Can: A Canadian Club is always a good call.

Snack: Sweet potato stuffed with canned tuna and rocket.

3. Queensland

If you want to go bush this Easter long weekend then head to Bigriggen Park, which is an easy drive from Brisbane. Big by name, big by nature – this camping spot has a solid 100-acres to explore. Just make sure you’ve hidden your snacks while you’re cruising around. This is a serene experience until a bloody possum makes off with your stash.

Can: Gotta love a drop from the sunshine state – crack a Great Northern.

Snack: Spice up your camp food repertoire and make some jalapeno cornbread to pack along with your supplies.

4. Tasmania

For a tiny state, Tassie is absolutely killing it in the camping stakes. To get the most out of the four-day Easter break, try Freycinet National Park, which is not far from Hobart. It’s got something for every taste: scenic walks, hearty hikes and plenty of enclaves to explore. Not here for the exercise? No worries, it’ll take precisely zero effort to sit down and take in the Wineglass Bay views.

Can: A good view calls for a good looking can. Our pick for this picturesque occasion is a Wild Turkey.

Snack: If you’re ever going to catch and cook a fish, this is the spot, pal.

5. Western Australia

For an easy getaway, head to Walyunga National Park which is just an hour north east of Perth. This is a little bit of Australia at its finest. The Avon and Swan Rivers cut through parts of the 1800-hectare area. You’ll feel like you’re in a real remote spot because the camp sites are hidden away from the main drag, too.

Can: There is nothing like a Jim Beam & Cola to relax after setting up the site.

Snack: Take advantage of the facilities and throw some snags on the Barbie.