Aussie slang to use this Australia Day (and beers to match)

Aussie slang to use this Australia Day (and beers to match)

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January 14, 2019

G’day mates, if you’re having a squiz at this article it’s likely you’re keen to put in some hard yakka and expand your true-blue Aussie slang. Show your drongo mates who’s the sickest and get stoked with a few cold ones to match the lingo. Easy as.

Yous (youse); pronoun, more than one person

How are you currently getting the attention of more than one person? Whatever your technique is, it must be an uphill battle without pulling out this banger of a word from your vocab. Yous, or youse, can be used when you want several people to listen to you. For example, “what beer do yous want?”

Which takes us to the next point; what beer does “yous” pair with? It’s a common enough saying, so we’re going to go with something easy going and sessionable. Tinnies Session IPA seems like a fair dinkum match.

Rapt; adjective, pleased

When you’re really happy with your lunch, you might find words escape you, as the sheer pleasure of a parma, fish ‘n’ chips or souva fills your head and pushes vocabulary to the side. If you’re the sort who wears thongs year-round though, you might say “I’m rapt with this wrap,” before ascending into wordplay heaven.

For a beer you can be rapt with, go for Mountain Goat Lager, it’s extremely drinkable and sure to be enjoyed by an Aussie legend in the making such as yourself.

O; suffix, way to make anything Aussie

This entry might not make sense when said alone, but let’s roleplay an example to see “o” in action.

Boring common words:

James - Would you like to go to the bottle shop this afternoon?
Johnathan – Yes. I would also like to buy some avocados.

Superior Aussie slang:

Jimbo – Let’s go bottle-o this arvo.
Johnno – Bloody oath. I also want to grab some avos.

By adding “o” to the end of virtually anything, you’ve made it Aussie. Good on ya. Now match your new superpower with something versatile, like Tinnies Pale Ale.

Furphy; noun, an improbable story

If you’re sitting around the barbie (or water cooler) spinning the yarn with a couple of mates, you might wonder if the validity of the story being told is suss. In this case, you would say that the story is a furphy.

Unsurprisingly, the best beer to match is Furphy Refreshing Ale.

Bathers, togs, boardies; noun, swimming attire

It’s hot and you want to go swimming, but what do you need to do that? If you answered a swimming costume, you’re technically correct, but also so wrong. What you need is a pair of bathers, togs, or boardies (it really depends on what state you’re in). Why is it a pair when you sometimes just have one piece of clothing? Nobody knows. Alternatively, you could refer to this clothing as budgie smugglers, but we won’t go there today.

The best beer to match your bathers is something a little bit tropical, suited to the warm weather and with a zesty note to it, which is why Tinnies Tropical XPA fits the bill.