5 Ways To Avoid a New Year’s Eve Anti-Climax

5 Ways To Avoid a New Year’s Eve Anti-Climax

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October 23, 2017

As sure as the sun will set on 2017, there will be pressure to have the BEST night on New Year’s Eve. Here’s how to raise a glass to the year’s end and ring in 2018 right.

Poor ol’ New Year’s Eve. All those fireworks and the mandatory post-midnight bedtime – it is any wonder it struggles with performance anxiety?


We’ll help you avoid anti-climax with some NYE prep tips.


1.   Dial down the anticipation

Sure, there’ll be highlights. But the nights that make the history books are the ones that you approach with a casual attitude so try not to build it up too much. The secret is to focus on nailing the three Cs: company, commuting and champagne.


The formula works like this:  

Company: spend the night with people you like, obvs.

Commuting: avoid it. Consider hosting your mates just so you don’t get stuck in a transport tussle. If you must travel, plan your journey early, allow for surging Uber prices and BYO sense of humour.

Champagne: it’s really hard to screw this up. Just make sure it’s chilled and everyone’s glasses are full at midnight.


2.   Commit to a strong pre-game snack plan

Time for some serious food prep. If you think throwing some chips in a bowl is going to cut it, you’re heading into anti-climax territory. But you don’t have to be a culinary genius to impress your pals.

Put dips, crackers and a bit of cheese on a plate and you’ve got an antipasto platter. Heat a stack of party pies and if you want to get really adventurous, make some chicken sangas, too.

When you’re ready, fix yourself a gin and tonic, turn up the tunes and get the place ready for the countdown.


3.   Play to your audience

Speaking of tunes, do your friends fall into either of these categories?

   -   They don’t ‘get’ your taste in music (Daryl Braithwaite rocks, fools).

   -   They don’t have the attention span to see a song through to the end, cutting to something new every 30 seconds.

Be prepared for both scenarios. Put hours of crowd-pleasing bangers on a playlist no one can interfere with. Save your best one for midnight. It is the dancefloor peak after all. Get it wrong and you risk seeing everyone clear out soon after.



4.   Set the party scene

Be a party hero and make sure you’re got some champagne and icy cool peach sangria, too.

Have a jug of ice water handy as well. Add berries and herbs to your ice cubes for a bit of extra colour and flavour. It’ll take about five minutes and your mates will be stunned by your kitchen craftiness.



5.   Avoid being overly vocal about resolutions

Being overly confident about your resolutions might not ruin your night, but it could cause you a lot of annoyance in the days and months that follow. Especially if you insist that you’re going to run a marathon and your mate holds you to it, or you tell a gossipy colleague that you’re quitting your job and moving to New York (cue suspicious glances from your boss when you return to the office…).

The best resolutions are those we keep because we want to, so you’re much better off smugly sipping your champagne and keeping your grand plans to yourself.


Happy 2018 indeed.