How To Throw The Best ‘Last Jedi’ Party

How To Throw The Best ‘Last Jedi’ Party

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December 3, 2017

Have you guys heard that there’s a new Star Wars movie out? Of course you have. If you’re anything like us, you’re already planning your celebratory Last Jedi party.

But how can you make sure that your Star Wars party stands out from the rest of the galaxy? Here are five ways you can send your jedi party into hyper-drive.

Blue Milk Punch

600mL gin
300mL coconut cream
150mL blue curaçao
150mL simple syrup
450mL pineapple juice
450mL lime juice
10 dashes of vanilla extract

Remember that blue milk drink that Luke Skywalker seemed to enjoy in his early moisture-farming years? That’s actually ‘bantha milk’, and it’s the inspiration behind a pretty good (if not slightly gross-looking) cocktail.

Just pour all of the above into a big jug, then add some of Hoth’s finest ice. You and your friends can drink it on a sand dune while watching a binary sunset and dreaming of bigger things.

Light Sabers

Fruit skewers are boring. They need a jedi-style rebrand that will make them as fun to eat as they are to make. Sort all of your fruit into two piles. Strawberries, red grapes and watermelon will go on the ‘sith’ side. Blueberries, green grapes, and honeydew melons go on the ‘jedi’ side.

Get your skewers, and skewer your fruit into red, blue and green sabers, then attach tin foil to the bottom forming a hilt. When your guests arrive, they can choose the dark side, or the light. And sometimes, the results can be very unexpected.

Carbonite Jelly Shots

85g gelatin powder (any flavour)
250mL boiling water
125mL cold water
125mL vodka
Fruit of your choice

Okay, so carbonite is the strange material that Han Solo gets encased in at Cloud City. He is frozen in solid carbonite for easy transportation to Jabba’s palace. Wouldn’t it be great if you could freeze whatever you like in carbonite? Like fruit, pretzels or even snags.

With this alcoholic jelly recipe, you can do exactly that. Pour the boiling water into a baking tray, add the powder and stir until it dissolves, then add the cold water and vodka, along with your favourite accoutrements and freeze it solid. When your friends arrive and see this, we know exactly what they’ll say.

Qui-Gon Gin Cocktail

30mL gin
60mL melon liqueur
1 dash lime juice
Tonic water (to taste)
1 lime wedge

Sometimes you have to take the good with the weird – and the Star Wars prequels are the best kind of weird. It’s time to embrace the prequel’s underrated characters for what they are. Like Qui-Gon Jinn.

He’s a jedi master, he trained Obi Wan, he’s a bit of a maverick and he was played by Liam Bloody Neeson. Also, his name is just begging to have a cocktail named after it. So that’s what we did. Show off your bartending skills at your party by making Qui-Gon Gins for everyone.

Just shake the gin, liqueur and lime juice together, pour into a highball glass and top with tonic water. And make sure you pour carefully and with focus, after all

Seven Leia Dip

450mL refried beans
1 packet taco seasoning
125g sour cream
125g guacamole
125g salsa
125g lettuce
125g cheese
500g sliced olives
125g diced tomatoes

Okay, we admit it. This has nothing to do with Star Wars, it’s just a great pun, and one that fans would appreciate. You can jazz this up by digging a pit in this seven layer dip and putting a Sarlacc in the middle. But overall, let’s just enjoy this dip for what it is: a great bit of banter.

Add the beans and taco seasoning first, then sour cream, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, cheese, olives and, finally, the tomatoes. Serve with corn chips. (Or bread buns inspired by Leia’s hair. That would make more sense.)

So there you have it. Five ways you can make your Star Wars party the talk of the town. And remember, when you’re trying to throw the best party, do what must be done. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy. Your friends will be letting the good vibes flow through them in no time.