Matching Beers to Your Easter Eats

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March 21, 2018

Fish and chips? Hot cross buns? Roast beef? No problems. We’ve got some drink suggestions to go with your long weekend Easter menu.

“Not everything goes with beer!” you might be thinking. Well, that’s not entirely true (unless it’s peppermint lozenges – we don’t think beer would go very well with peppermint lozenges). We’ve broken down the best beer pairings with your traditional Easter weekend fare.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips is often a popular choice for Good Friday – and a delicious choice at that. First, you’ve got to ask yourself the essential questions: grilled fish or fried? Potato cakes too? Will minimum chips be enough (weirdly, it always seems to be enough)?

But when it comes to matching fish and chips with a bev, it’s a pretty simple decision. A light, fresh-tasting beer complements those golden, fried flavours perfectly, so why not pick up a James Squire Pale Ale?

Baked Barramundi

If you’re getting a little bit fancy this Easter, we’d recommend stepping it up and cooking up some fish at home. All you need is a few barramundi fillets, some lemon and salt and pepper and you’ve got an easy, fresh meal on your hands (try this beer-battered barramundi for a more decadent feed).

We’d pair a piece of barra with a crisp bottle of Kirin, a perfect match to fish.

Roast Lamb

Easter is a great time to get the family together and cook a roast with all the trimmings. Pile on the rosemary and garlic and maybe even impress them all with some crisp roast veggies on the side.

What to serve with this Easter treat? We’d suggest a White Rabbit White Ale, a delicious wheat beer with a gentle bitterness and a touch of honey.

Hot Cross Buns

That’s right – a good beer can even pair well with a delicious, doughy hot cross bun. When you think about it, it makes sense: both are yeasty, and made better by a touch of spice and fruit.

Toast some hot cross buns and treat your grown-up guests to a James Squire Swindler.


Gotta save the best ‘til last, right? Chocolate and beer actually pair amazingly well together, with many heavier stouts and porters boasting chocolate, caramel and coffee flavours.

The key is working with the chocolate-y flavours and not against them. That’s why we’d pair some chocolate with a White Rabbit Dark Ale, a sweet and intense beer with nice caramel and toffee notes. The perfect Easter pair.