Plan the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date Without Breaking The Bank

Plan the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date Without Breaking The Bank

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February 5, 2018

Forget the jewellery. Forget the fancy restaurants. Forget the bottles of designer perfume. Valentine’s Day is all about showing the person you’re into a nice time, and you don’t need a trust fund or a stash of gold bullions to make that happen.

Want to say a ‘cheers’ to your bank account while also blowing away your babe? We’ve got a drink for that. We’ll show you how to impress the object of your affection this February 14 without hurting your budget.

Obviously, the best way to save some cash is to invite your date around to your place for dinner, drinks and a movie. Send them an invite text with plenty of red and romance-themed themed emojis (including but not limited to: the wine glass, the lovehearts-for-eyes face, the red rose, and the flame).

Once they’ve said a wholehearted ‘yes’, give the good word to your housemates/family/pets, scrub the bathroom (seriously, people notice these things), and buy some scented candles for the big event.

What to eat

OK, so the first item on the agenda: what can you plate up that will impress your date but won’t break the bank?

You don’t want to serve a cheese toastie on a serviette, but you also don’t want to drop serious cash on caviar canapés and hand-plucked truffles. Instead, toe the line between effortless and MasterChef by doing a ‘level up’ on something you’re already good at cooking. A prawn pasta should do the trick. Roast some cherry tomatoes and tear up some basil to toss through your carbs, and spice it up with a pinch of dried chilli flakes. Maybe hold the garlic, you know, just in case.

What to drink

Looking for the perfect drop for summer lovin’? We’ve got a drink for that, and it’s called ‘rosé’. Seriously, take the accent off the end and you’ve got ‘rose’, the most romantic of all the flowers. Pink wine is the perfect summery wine and an excellent choice if you want something delicious that won’t drain the bank. It’ll also match almost any food, including the prawn pasta dish above.

Take a gander at our rosé selection here.

What to listen to

You’ll want some background tunes to accompany you during your romantic feast. We’re going to go right ahead and say it: ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine is a definite ‘no’. This is a date, not a dancefloor. Your best bet is an ambient, low-key album that won’t steal the conversation. Anything described as ‘chillwave’ is good, like Toro Y Moi, or you could go ‘classic dad’ with some Crowded House or Talking Heads. Make sure your music streaming service is ad-free to avoid awkward breaks in the tunes. Better yet, make use of your housemate’s turntable and record collection. You’ll get 10 instant ‘cool’ points.

What to watch

This is of supreme importance. While you might love three-hour-long war epics or movies about a maniac chasing teenagers through the woods, they can kind of kill off the flirty mood. On the other end of the spectrum, watching a soppy romance flick can signal to your date that you’re already checking out school zones for your future kids.

Instead, scroll your streaming service for something in the middle – like a Judd Apatow-style comedy, or a light-hearted superhero movie with a romantic streak like Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, have some options in mind before your date arrives. There’s nothing more frustrating (and less romantic) than the back-and-forth exchange of “whatever you want to watch” when you’re trying to pick a movie.