Save Me, Social Bartender: The Hottest Cocktail For Summer

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January 2, 2018

Eloise here is chilling on her lonesome for the day, and is enjoying a picnic and the tennis in the sunshine without the crowds. She’s one you would say is marching to the beat of her own drum, and wants everyone to think that she can pick the hottest trends a mile away (everyone thinking that you can spot the hottest trends is so much more important than actually being able to spot the trends yourself).

According to our Social Bartender, he has the perfect drink for that and the most important cocktail of the last few summers has been Frosé. So get out your Absolut Vodka and Le Petite Rosé, because you heard it here first, Eloise: there ain’t nothing better for a picnic.


While rosé has been dominating fridge-space for the last few years – a frozen concoction of rosé, Absolut vodka and other fruity ingredients has gradually gained momentum as the natural successor to the pink wine. Rosé was the perfect summer drink and now it has been improved. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. And smile while you’re holding a chilly glass of Frosé.


It’s difficult to tell who invented Frosé – a bar in New York has a strong claim for inventing it in the summer of ’16 – but whoever did, they created the most Instagrammable drink of all time. The pleasing folds of ice! The adorable pink hue! Simply marvellous.  


One would assume that Frosé has its roots in the proliferation of other frozen drinks, which are refreshing but not nearly as sophisticated. The frozen margarita and frozen daiquiri are obvious relatives – but where did they come from?


Flavoured shaved ice, a delicious thing that people love to eat, has actually been around since the 7th Century. It wasn’t until the invention of the blender in the 1930s however, that people started playing around with frozen drinks at home, and by the 1950s the blended strawberry daiquiri was born.


So, there you go. Frosé is the ultimate buzzy, zeitgeist beverage that also comes from a long lineage of delicious drinks. Enjoy that history and influence in every sip, Eloise. We hope it doesn’t give you a brain freeze.


Eloise’s Pink Frosé




375mL Petit Rosé

30mL Absolut Vodka

2 cups dice frozen watermelon

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 tablespoon lime juice

1 tablespoon sugar