What Your Spring Drink Choice Says About You

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October 23, 2017

In spring, we’re often attending many more events than we did in the frostier months – sometimes with a bunch of people who we don’t know and who we want to make a good impression on.

Whether it’s a BBQ, a picnic, a pre-races lunch or just a backyard hang out with your mates in the sun, we’ve decoded what your bev choice says about you.

Craft Beer

You’re sophisticated. You are the person in your friendship group who is always in the know. People ask your advice about things – music, prestige television, the correct way to fashion a bird feeder out of a pine cone – and you’ve always got the right recommendation.

Whether it’s an American IPA, a local pale ale or a rich, dark lager, the six-pack you bring to the party always has others looking on in jealousy. Maybe bring two six-packs so you can share your knowledge around a little.

Talk to this person about: Woodwork.


You’re a hoot. You are the life of the party – even if ‘the party’ is just having a couple of coffees over brunch. You make social situations more fun just by bringing a celebratory vibe everywhere you go.

You’re probably not even going to drink the prosecco you bring to the party – you’re probably just bringing it for everyone else to enjoy. “Oh, you!” everyone will say, so grateful they attended the event you have graced with your presence. That’s just so you.

Talk to this person about: The best DIY make-up tutorials on YouTube (by best, we mean the funny ones where they accidentally shave off an eyebrow).


You’re the wise one. You are the one your friends always approach for advice. You just seem to know the answer to everything – from relationship and work issues, to queries related to a successful refinancing. The thing is, you never make people feel stupid for asking you questions. That’s just the kind of person you are.

When you bring a bottle of whisky to a party, you’re always ready to answer the inevitable questions that come along with it, like ‘is scotch different?’ and ‘how do I drink this?’.

Talk to this person about: What you guess Ernest Hemingway books might be about.


You are embracing spring. You are a beautiful spring butterfly. You’re wearing a floral shirt and encouraging everyone to dabble in some face glitter. And maybe hair glitter? You might just throw handfuls of glitter in the air for kicks.

Your tastes are totally season-dependent and now that spring has sprung, you’re only drinking beverages that scream ‘fresh and fruity’. If anyone at the party is still clinging to their mulled wine, you’re the one to coax them back out into the sun.

Talk to this person about: Every celebrity scandal past and present.

White Rum

You’re everyone’s best mate. No-one is quite sure how you do it. You’re just one of those people who can have a 15-minute conversation with someone and manage to find out all their life goals, the details of their most difficult break-up and the name of their childhood dog.

The all-rounder is always welcome at the party because they are total chameleons. Is it a dance party? They have the perfect playlist – hand them the AUX cord! Low-key hang? You’ll find them in the corner having an incredible D’n’M. Somehow you’ll always walk away from a conversation with them with five new podcast recommendations.

And you know what? You’ll love those podcasts. You’ll love them so dang much.

Talk to this person about: Novelty rap songs/anything.