Baileys Desserts and 5 Streamed Shows to Match

Baileys Desserts and 5 Streamed Shows to Match

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January 30, 2018

The first couple of months of the year are the perfect time to take stock of your life. What are my aims for the year? What should I attempt to achieve? And what the heck am I going to do about all these random Christmas presents I received two months ago, which are still sitting in my living room?

We’re here to say that just because you don’t know how to use a present, doesn't mean that it’s useless. For instance: this past Christmas you probably received a bottle of delicious Baileys. You know that it’s good stuff, but you’re not entirely sure how to best utilise it.

Because eating and watching TV are natural allies, here’s a guide to some delicious Baileys-based desserts and the shows that you should stream while savouring said-treats.

The Great British Bake Off + Baileys Dark Chocolate Tart

There isn’t a show in existence that is a soothing as The Great British Bake Off. As far as competitive programs go, Bake Off is the by far the gentlest – you won’t find trash talk here, only encouragement and pleasant conversation about profiteroles. If you have run out of episodes of the British series, the third season of The Great Australian Bake Off kicked off in January.

So, what to eat when the contestants give you food FOMO? Grab a bottle of Baileys and make a delectable dark chocolate tart, using the liqueur for the rich ganache. Mary Berry would be so proud. Find the Baileys Dark Chocolate recipe here.

Riverdale + Baileys Red Velvet Berry Cake

Season two of Riverdale finishes in February – which means you should re-watch it all when it’s done. Although you may feel the tiniest hint of shame while streaming this very melodramatic murder mystery – which mainly consists of very handsome people making confused faces at each other for 40 minutes – it’s a certified guilty pleasure.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, you need a snack to match. To stave off jealousy when Archie and the gang head to Pop’s for a burger and shake, make yourself a (blood) red velvet berry cake with layers of Baileys-infused cream. The raspberries make such a nice combo with the liqueur that honestly, you’d be forgiven for eating the entire cake yourself. Check out the Baileys Red Velvet Berry Cake recipe here.

RuPaul’s Drag Race + Baileys Chocolate Truffles

Season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race kicks off in late January, which means that you’ll need to start planning your finale party immediately. This is a show so joyful that it must be shared, so gather your friends (and a few feather boas) and celebrate America’s Next Drag Superstar.

But what to serve at such a glamorous occasion? Something that is worthy of RuPaul, naturally. Try these rich chocolate truffles, which are surprisingly easy to make – just combine Baileys, dark chocolate, butter, cream and cocoa powder. Find the Baileys Chocolate Truffles recipe here.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee + Baileys Iced Coffee

This former web series is the ultimate ‘I don’t know what to watch, but I have to pick something’ show. Watch Jerry Seinfeld drive expensive cars across America and have conversations with iconic comedians such as Larry David, Chris Rock, Tina Fey and… Barack Obama? As far as politicians go, he’s pretty funny to be honest.

Instead of settling in with an instant coffee, make yourself an indulgent iced coffee. All you need is Baileys, coffee, ice and ice cream. (And some ice cream on the side, because you’re worth it.) Check out the Baileys Iced Coffee recipe here.

Friday Night Lights + Baileys Brownie

Look, new shows are good and all, but sometimes you just feel like settling with the classics. If you’re looking for a show that will make you laugh, cry and sporadically yell “TEXAS FOREVER!” with your friends, Friday Night Lights is the program for you. If there’s a more dramatic sport than high school football, we don’t know about it.

Because watching people exercise is enough to make anyone crave treats, grab your bottle of Baileys and make a decadent, American-inspired brownie. We have a confession: this recipe uses pre-made/packet-made brownies. But by adding Baileys and ice cream, you’re basically cooking. Find the Baileys Brownie recipe here – just promise not to tell Coach that you’re eating dessert during pre-season.