Cold Movies and Cold Beers to Enjoy This Weekend

Cold Movies and Cold Beers to Enjoy This Weekend

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August 1, 2018

It’s nice to watch movies about chilly scenes when the weather is cold. This is a scientific fact. So why not cosy up with a snow-soaked movie and a selection of ice cold tins? (BYO stubby holder.)

Sleepless in Seattle

Boy oh boy, will this movie make you feel like putting on a knitted jumper! (A Christmas knitted jumper in fact – this movie could be a good shout for a Christmas in July party.) Enjoy Meg Ryan falling in love with the sound of Tom Hanks’ voice over the radio, decide not to feel weird about it and then watch it again!

To accompany this great love story, we’d recommend a chilly bottle of Miller Chill.

The Shining

Winter is a great time for spooky movies. Why is that? Because it’s darker? Who’s to say? In any case, this 1980 horror movie is one of the best of all time – particularly if you enjoy watching murderous chases through snow storms. (Maybe don’t watch alone though – unless you’re braver than us).

Enjoy Jack Nicholson’s finest role to date with a sip of Coopers Extra Stout.

I, Tonya

Ice-skating might not be as big a deal in Australia as it is in the States, but you know who does mean a lot to us? Our Margot Robbie. When she starred in I, Tonya – and was nominated for an Oscar, no less – it was a shining moment for our fine land.

Become inspired to reach peak excellence (another day though, tonight is for feeling cuddly at home) with a cool bottle of Coors.

The Revenant

Speaking of Oscars, can we reflect on the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t win an Oscar until 2015? (Well, technically it was in 2016 for a performance he did in 2015, but you get it.) The Revenant is the chilliest movie you will ever see in your lifetime. You will layer blanket upon blanket on yourself while you watch this movie about a man in the snowy wilderness, and you still won’t feel warm.

… but it’s kind of fun to watch a movie like that, right? Enjoy this one with a tasty Matilda Bay Wild Yak Pacific Ale.

The Day After Tomorrow

Disaster movies are always a great one for a lazy Sunday afternoon. And what better than this 2004 masterpiece about the world resetting and attempting to freeze over? Uh oh. Get your mates around to watch Dennis Quaid battle across an icy New York to save his son (Jake Gyllenhaal, naturally) and if they don’t like the movie, well, they’re not your real mates.

We’d recommend sipping a bev like Brookvale Union Ginger Beer while watching this movie. But maybe also turn the heating on. It’s gonna be a cooooold night.