Fix-Up Four Footy Finals Finger Foods (Plus, Fiery Cocktails to match)

Fix-Up Four Footy Finals Finger Foods (Plus, Fiery Cocktails to match)

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September 13, 2018

It’s a massive time of the year for footy fans, with the AFL and NRL grand finals falling on the same weekend this September. Whatever code you follow, it’s a great excuse to have some friends over to share the excitement. We’ve got some ideas for finger food that you can serve during the game, as well as some full-flavoured cocktails to match. All of these suggestions are low fuss – so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time watching the game.

Baked Brie (Not for consumption at the MCG)

Want to impress your mates with less than five ingredients? Then this super-simple recipe is for you. Get a big wheel of brie, cut a few slits in the top and then stuff them with garlic and thyme. Next, throw that bad boy in the oven for around 10 minutes at 180 degrees. Serve with crusty bread that you can dip into the delicious herb-y, garlic-y melted cheese and bask in the adoration of your friends.

Drinks-wise, you’ll want something with a lot of flavours that won’t get lost in the cheese. Try mixing The Kraken Spiced Rum with soda, sugar, and a twist of lemon for a bold variation on the traditional Tom Collins. The earthy ginger and clove notes of the spiced rum will complement the richness of the brie.

Mini pizzas

Pizza is a tried and true crowd pleaser, and the beauty of mini versions is that everyone can get what they want (minus the delivery fees). This recipe requires a tiny bit of pre-planning – you’ll need to purchase a couple of ready-made bases. Then, simply use a metal egg ring to punch out circles of dough to create your mini pizza bases (you can tell your friends you made them by hand). Top to taste and bake until crisp (about 10 minutes).

To drink, we’d suggest a white rum like Bacardi Superior Rum mixed with spicy ginger ale. If you’re a fan of Hawaiian pizza, you could even double down on the tropical island theme with the coconut-inflected flavour of Malibu Caribbean White Rum.

Caprese Skewers

Flip the script on this classic Italian salad by turning it into finger food. All you’ll need is a punnet of cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella balls, balsamic glaze, and some toothpicks. To assemble, skewer some basil leaves, a cherry tomato, and a mozzarella ball with a toothpick (it should look like a tiny Italian flag!), then drizzle with balsamic.

It would only be appropriate to serve this alongside a riff on a classic Italian cocktail, the Spritz. For this spicy rendition, mix one part Campari with two parts Brown Brothers Prosecco NV two parts ginger beer, then garnish with a slice of orange. If you want something extra-bold, add a couple of slices of fresh ginger to the glass as well.


Everyone loves nachos, and they’re incredibly easy to make. Throw down a layer of corn chips, top with whatever looks good, and then smother the whole thing in mozzarella. If you’re feeling fancy, whip up some fresh guacamole and pico de gallo while the nachos are cooking in the oven. All said, it’ll amount to an impressive spread that’ll only take 15 minutes or so to prep.

In keeping with the Mexican theme, serve alongside a quality tequila. Sip something straight-up that’s packed full of flavour like the full-bodied Espolon Tequila Reposado, or pick up a bottle of Sierra Tequila Silver and use it as a base for a delicious Granita.