Serenade Spring with these Delicious Cider Cocktails

Serenade Spring with these Delicious Cider Cocktails

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October 9, 2018

Spring is the season of cider. Sun-drenched picnics, lazy afternoons, beach trips – all occasions that lend themselves to the sipping of this classic drink. While it’s delicious as a standalone, cider also works admirably as a mixer in crisp, fresh cocktails. It’s the perfect beverage to showcase the flavours of the season – whether that’s apple, pear, or berry – so leap into spring with these cocktail recipes.

Apple Cider Mimosa

Looking for a way to pack some extra flavour into your Mimosa? Simple, switch out the OJ for crisp apple cider. It’s a fruity sensation that’s perfect for brunch. Choose a dry champagne as the base, as the cider will provide plenty of sweetness. Or, if you prefer – lean into the sugar and double down with the dessert-style champagne. You’re the captain of your own destiny, and we salute you either way.

120mL of Mr Finch Apple Cider or Orchard Thieves Apple Cider
60mL of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut NV
Apple slices, to garnish

Pour cider into a champagne glass and top with bubbly. Garnish with a slice of fresh apple.

Bourbon Pear Cider

Bourbon-based drinks are delicious, but they can be a little bit intense. Here, the natural harshness of the spirit is mellowed by the addition of pear and citrus. It’s a rich, layered drink that keeps on giving with every sip. For bonus points, drink in a room filled with mahogany furniture and pretend that you’re a hardened detective in a film noir drama – it’ll really add to the experience.

120mL of Somersby Pear Cider
60mL of Woodford Bourbon Reserve
1 tablespoon of simple syrup
1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Build drink over ice in a highball glass and stir to combine.

Spring Posey Punch

Planning a sun-soaked soiree? Grab the biggest punch bowl that you can find and mix up a batch of this punch – because it’s the only drink that you need to serve. Fresh flavours of mint, cucumber, and berries create a springtime symphony of flavour. Pro tip: this one isn’t going to last long – so make sure you serve yourself first. Etiquette be damned.

2 bottles of Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cocktail
120mL Vodka O
120mL elderflower syrup
10 strawberries, halved
¼ of a cucumber, sliced lengthways
Handful of mint leaves, torn

Combine ingredients in a punch bowl or large pitcher and stir gently to combine.

Cloudy Apple Mule

Cloudy apple and vodka are a match made in heaven, but the addition of fiery ginger beer really takes this cocktail to the next level. It’s hard to believe that a drink that’s so simple to make can actually taste this good, but as they (sort of) say – the proof of the cocktail is in the drinking.

60mL of Somersby Cloudy Apple Cider
30mL of Russian Standard Original Vodka
120mL ginger beer
Lime wedge, to garnish


Build drink over ice in a highball glass and stir to combine. Garnish with a wedge of lime.