The Beer Championships: Which Is the Best Brew for Watching Sport?

The Beer Championships: Which Is the Best Brew for Watching Sport?

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June 28, 2018

Sport on the TV and a cold beer in your hand – it’s a great combination. But which country boasts the best beer for this particular activity? And what should we consider when looking for the ultimate spectator bev? Liquorland investigates.

Whether it be the AFL, NFL, NRL, tennis or soccer, we reckon we have an international beer for every taste.

Finalist 1: Germany

The Germans are a sport-loving nation. They’re also well-known for their proud history of brewing (the annual Oktoberfest celebration dates back to 1810) which is why there are plenty of German beers on offer. They’re probably best known for their hoppy and refreshing pilsners but, of course, when it comes to German beer, you can’t go past a classic Becks, with its distinctive malt-y taste.

Finalist 2: Mexico

Mexico is soccer-mad! They’re so soccer-mad that they can literally create an artificial earthquake because they’re celebrating a soccer win so hard. They’re also passionate about making very unique beers – you know you’re drinking a Mexican beer from the first sip.

Beer brewing really took off in Mexico with the influx of German immigrants in the mid 1800s, but their most recognisable and popular brew was created in 1925 – the humble Corona. Corona is the best-selling Mexican beer and is among the top five most popular beers in the world. Add a wedge of lime and you’ll please pretty much every palate.

Finalist 3: Japan

If you’re looking for a sport to follow in Japan, soccer, baseball, martial arts and sumo wrestling are the most popular out there (with the latter considered Japan’s national sport). And you can bet that they like to enjoy these spectator sports with a cold one.

Beer brewing in Japan started around the 17th Century, when Dutch traders set up a beer hall in Nagasaki for travelers. Now Japan is known for their own style of crisp, pale beer (with Asahi in particular developing the ‘super dry’ brewing process) with Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo the most famous local beer brands.

Finalist 4: Italy

Soccer, basketball and volleyball are among the most popular sports in Italy. And one of the most popular Italian beers – for good reason – is Peroni. Established as a family company in Lomabardy in 1846 (and then based in Rome from 1864) the brewer had a very long history in Italy before making an impact around the world. Peroni was only distributed worldwide in the 1990s.

We’d recommend the Peroni Nastro Azzurro, a crisp pale lager that the company has produced since the 1960s. It actually has several ties to sports already, including motorcycle and car racing – even its name is a nod to the Blue Ribband won by the Italian ocean liner SS Rex in 1933.

Finalist 5: Australia

It's almost impossible to avoid being a dedicated sports fan in Australia. Whether it’s footy, rugby, soccer, tennis or cricket, there is literally a sport for every season – which means that you never stop repping a team.

It’s fair to say that at Liqourland, we’re particularly passionate about Australian beer. From classics like Victoria Bitter or XXXX, an underdog like Furphy or a refreshing Carlton Draught, there really is a bottle to suit every taste. Take a squiz at our huge collection of Australian beers, if you don’t believe us.

Winner: AUSTRALIA, WITH A LANDSLIDE! Because you have to back the home team, right?