The Hot Chips Road Test: What Should You Drink With Chips?

The Hot Chips Road Test: What Should You Drink With Chips?

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April 4, 2018

Now that you know what to pair with a pie (anything, really – but red wine is particularly good) we look to another sports-watching snack/drink pairing: hot chips and… something!

Hot chips are really the perfect spectator snack – those golden potato fingers are simply a delight to dip, season and munch. Whether it’s sparkling wine, cider or beer, we’ll road test the best pairings for this tasty treat.


Does a very sweet thing pair well with a very salty thing? Is this an impossible pairing? Are we reaching for the stars? No, it turns out!

The sweetness of a cider (in this case, pear) matches extremely well with a very salty fry. You know the ones: those skinny, crispy little potato toothpicks that you’d usually find at an American-style fast food shop, which leave little granules of salt all over you. Ah, the joy of eating a fry! We think we’ve just found a new classic match. Try a bottle of Mr Finch Pear Cider.

Worth trying? Yep!


Seems like a weird pairing, huh? Well that’s what everyone probably thought about peanut butter and chocolate. Now that’s considered one of the all-time greatest flavour pairings. Will chips and champagne reach the same iconic status?

It’s actually not bad! But it depends on the particular chip – we’d recommend trying some that is perhaps on the potato-heavy side – rather than a particularly batter-heavy or salty chip – like a nice bowl of oven-baked thick cut chips. Try it out with a flute of Chandon Vintage Brut Sparkling.

Worth trying? We reckon.

Red wine

At this time of year, red wine might be your beverage of choice while watching some footy at home. So, how easy is it to insert some hot chippies into this everyday occasion? Extremely easy, we’ll have you know!

We all know that a good red wine pairs well with a roast dinner, so by using that same logic, it would go well with a roast potato-esque chip. We’d suggest a wedge situation (sour cream and sweet chilli optional) to match with a spicy red like, Taylors Estate Clare Valley Shiraz.

Worth trying? Absolutely.


Are you the kind of fancy person who enjoys a whisky neat, but who also enjoys a delectable hot chippie? Well, you might just be on to something.

Really, whisky is such a flavoursome drink option, that it actually suits a snack that has a fairly basic taste to it. Chips are great, but let’s face it, there’s nothing complicated about them. That’s why a more layered drink, like whisky, is actually a perfect match! If you haven’t already, try a glass of Loch Lomond Original Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Worth trying? Sure is.


Name a more iconic duo than beer and hot chips. You can’t! Beer is just a fantastic match with all kinds of chips – fat, skinny, spicy, curled, chicken-salt, chilli salt – anything! We particularly like a chip with a slightly bitter ale, such as 3 Pub Circus Pale Ale Bottle.

Worth trying? Obviously.