Which Drink Goes With Which Christmas Movie?

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November 20, 2017

When you’re an adult, you have enough maturity and wisdom to know what makes a Christmas movie a true classic – basically, the best holiday movie is Die Hard. We’ll break down the perfect drinks to sip during your grown-up Christmas movie marathon.

Die Hard

Die Hard is the ultimate Christmas movie. This is an irrefutable fact. Do we even need to justify this? Urgh, fine. First of all, it takes place on Christmas Eve. Second of all, it involves John McClane (Bruce Willis) fighting bad guys because he wants to save a family member – which is an extremely Christmas motivation for saving someone!

In conclusion, Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time. Thank you.

What do I drink with this: A VB because that’s what John McClane would drink. If he was an Aussie battler.

It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life is the kind of Christmas movie that you don’t appreciate until you are an adult. Unfortunately, black-and-white morality tales from the 1940s just don’t interest the younger generations as they should.

Besides the fact that it’s a classic, Wonderful Life is a good movie to watch with family and friends so you can then discuss which TV shows and movies have ripped it off since. Enjoy!

What do I drink with this: A gin martini, because they always seem to be drinking gin martinis in old movies. To make a gin martini, combine 60mL of gin with 5mL of dry vermouth, ice in a shaker and strain into a glass. Add olives to garnish.

Love Actually

Simultaneously the most Christmas-y movie and the most British movie ever made. A fun Christmas tradition is having a debate with your loved ones as to which is the best storyline – there are about 10 – until everyone agrees that they’re all quite good, really.

(Although, we can all agree that the worst one is when that Walking Dead bloke likes his best friend’s missus, right?)

What do I drink with this: Prosecco, the drink of Christmas parties!

Sleepless In Seattle

Does this count as a Christmas movie, just because some of it takes place at Christmas? Heck yes! Sleepless in Seattle is always a great holiday watch. Meg Ryan is so charming! Tom Hanks is so charming! They’re both so flabbergasted by everything!

What do I drink with this: Mulled wine (so you can pretend you’re extremely chilly in Seattle). We recommend Hardy’s Spice of Life Shiraz

Bad Santa

You could call this an anti-Christmas movie but that’s not really true. There’s a little bit of holiday sentimentality in there. For those who have never seen it, Bad Santa is quite literally about a bad shopping centre Santa – think a lot of smoking, swearing and petty theft.

A good one to watch if you’re feeling like a Christmas LOL.

What do I drink with this: Rum and cola, with lime. Cougar anyone?

You’ve Got Mail

Haters will say that this is not a Christmas movie – but why are you hanging out with the likes of them? You’ve Got Mail takes place during Christmas and features many scenes of people adjusting Christmas decorations and attending holiday parties. Case closed!

Here’s a tip: watch this back to back with Sleepless in Seattle and bathe in the Ryan/Hanks goodness.

What do I drink with this: Spiced rum and ginger beer… maybe with a gingerbread house.