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Pinot Gris 750mL

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Camshorn, originally a Suffolk sheep farm, is surrounded by the Waipara regions Teviotdale hills. The unique suntrap climate with cool autumn nights is key to creating rich, aromatic and elegant wines. A small yet diverse region, Waipara consistency delivers excellent wines and Camshorn is no exception, showcasing stunning wines that exemplify the regions terroir.

This Pinot Gris is a true regional expression, rich and textural with floral aromas of apricot and honeysuckle. The juice was fermented slowly at cool temperatures to retain the very distinctive regional and varietal characters. The ferment was stopped with 10g residual sugars to ensure a lush and palate filling wine. No oak was used in the winemaking. The resulting wine has hints of apricot and honeysuckle on the nose, and rich textural palate of stone fruits and cream balanced by citrus.

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