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Cape Mentelle

Chardonnay 750mL

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Cape Mentelle's senior winemaker is Rob Mann, grandson to Jack Mann, one of the region's foremost pioneers and a leading innovator in the modern era of Australian wine. Blessed with ideal conditions in 2012 the Cape Mentelle Chardonnay expresses its elegance sublimely. There is no showing off, no heavy handed use of oak or barrel stirring.

Fashion forward this is the new generation of Chardonnay. Bright, pristine and lean. Clear lemon in colour the wine emits youthful aromas of grapefruit, nectarine and hints of vanilla bean. The palate is taut with intensity honing beautiful tension between a fine veneer of oak used to frame and restrain pronounced generosity offered by the fruit. The palate is complex, long and lingering. This is super premium Australian wine, earning a place at the best dinner tables and deserving of consideration as a part of your next purchase.
- Andrew Woodforth, VC Spit Junction.

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