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Massale Pinot Noir 750mL

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The first time we tried Kooyong's Massale Pinot we were amazed, and still continue to be. This Peninsula gem has it right as far as nose, palate, texture and structure go, hitting the sweet spot with clean cherry fruit and just the right amount of forest floor. Why pay a premium for pretenders? Kooyong's Massale is right on the money.

'Spicy, sappy and perfumed with cherry and raspberry and gentle oak in support. Medium bodied, firm feeling wine, again very ‘mineral’ in acidity and also the tannin departments, but the raspberry fruit carries it along very nicely. It’s a serious wine at the price, and almost demands your attention. Finish is long, precise and sappy once more. Engaging. Don’t come looking for cuddles here, but if you fancy something more intellectual, you’ll be well served.' - 93 Points | Gary Walsh, Winefront, 9th May 2016.

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