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St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL

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The wine has a perfume of ripe blackcurrants, blackberry, violet and chocolate. The overall aroma is one of understated richness and elegance.

On the palate this wine is undeniably Cabernet Sauvignon with distinct varietal flavours and well-balanced oak, tannin and fruit. There is an understated power to the wine, a richness of fruit and layers of complexity building across the palate and exciting the senses. Black fruit characters are rich and full, balanced perfectly by fine, long tannins, spice, coffee and chocolate. It is a generous wine which is beautifully ripened yet retains poise and the elegance of great Cabernet Sauvignon.

• Blue Gold Sydney International Wine Competition 2016 & 2017.
• Double Gold Berlin International Wine Competition 2017.
• Gold Winestate Cabernet Challenge 2017.

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