Moutard Rose Champagne 750mL

Moutard Rose Champagne 750mL

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Champagne Moutard is a traditional family run business situated in the picturesque village of Buxeuil. The vineyards are located in the southern part of Champagne, on the sunny slopes of the Cotes des Bar. Very old cellar books relate their activity as vine growers back to the 17th century. Their Champagnes are made from their own grapes and the grapes that they buy in from friends who are also vine growers. The clay and chalky soil of the Cotes des Bar gives a rich and very specific aroma to the traditional champagne vines, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. In order to offer perfectly mature Champagnes, the cuvees are left to mature in their cellars for a minimum of three years.

Champagne Moutard Prestige Rosé NV is made from 100% Pinot Noir, macerated for a short time on its skins to give it its delicate salmon pink colour. It is then aged for more than 3 years on its lees following fermentation, giving rich, biscuity summer fruit flavours.
Simply put a beautiful Champagne.

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